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transforming leadership for over 25 years

transforming leadership for over 25 years

Dodd Partners are dedicated to identifying, assessing, recruiting and supporting the development of today’s best talent. We do this through a tailored approach to our client’s specific needs, which ensures a level of diversity and innovation in our shortlists and appointments that can transform organisational performance.

executive search

Securing the right individual in today’s changing world is critical. A knowledge of key market dynamics, coupled with the ability to rigorously analyse candidate behaviour, is nothing without a creative approach to the search geography, backed by sound logic and judgement. The diversification of target audiences is important to shape and influence new thinking, and by working with Dodd Partners, you can be assured that this will be central to all our activities

Research is the methodology that is used to identify and attract the very best talent and it is here that our deep relationships with sector leaders makes a difference. Targeted search is only one aspect of our approach. We place a significant part of our resource into sourcing candidates from our carefully nurtured relationships, enabling us to identify the fresh talent that will ensure you have a dynamic choice of candidates.

The world of search has changed considerably over the past 10 years, with social and business media platforms becoming acceptable tools to support and enhance the world of search. Tools such as LinkedIn have, to a point, removed barriers to engagement with senior professionals, and big data will continue to shape and influence our thinking in terms of who we appoint. However, with the onset of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in May 2018, senior leaders should take back control of how their data is used and consumed. Consequently, it will be those search businesses with the deep relationships, who know, and understand candidates’ needs, who will continue to thrive. At Dodd Partners we have always had an independent voice set against an honest, evidence-based evaluation of candidate’s abilities, and this approach will not change.

non executive search

The role of the Non-Executive has also changed beyond all recognition, with Boards needing to be more strategic, accountable, challenging, customer-centric and speedy in their decision making, whilst having the intellectual rigour to interpret changing market dynamics to a better extent than has been required before.

We work in partnership with Chairs to understand the needs of a Board and its overall effectiveness to help shape dynamics and any subsequent need. We have supported the development of boards across the public and private sectors for many years and taken time to understand each candidate’s motivation, experience, cultural fit and capacity, to deliver against the needs of the role. As part of this work, we specialise in working with Executives seeking to transition into a portfolio career in the longer term and can advise accordingly on how to make such a transition.

ceo succession planning

Losing a leader when you are least expecting it is one of the most difficult challenges a business can face, and the planning to manage such situations is often left to chance. Building a reliable succession strategy is important for all concerned and reduces organisation risk. By working with Dodd Partners to map the market and engage with selected individuals with whom a longer-term relationship can be built, or by mentoring the internal talent to develop the skills to meet the demands of the role, can make a real difference. Our succession planning strategies are designed to help our clients manage this risk in a seamless and efficient fashion.

coaching & mentoring

Unsurprisingly we are seeing a significant increase in the amount of coaching and mentoring work delivered over the past five years, as we continue to see a dramatic realignment of the skills required across the sectors with which we partner. As highlighted, we have an enviable track record of success in attracting, assessing and recruiting private sector expertise into the public sector and, therefore, understand the challenges of the transition more than most. More broadly, sector needs have also changed, and whilst investment in staff development has not been a mainstay for the public sector organisations over recent years, this has led to the emergence of skills gaps from a strategic, commercial and leadership perspective when promoting from within.

This is where the need for coaching and particularly mentoring has taken hold. Our work is very much focused on providing support to newly appointed leaders who have stepped into, or up to, a role of greater responsibility at a time of change. In such circumstances we work with individuals or teams to shape their thinking against the dynamics of the new role or environment. Such topics may include: developing strategic capability, stakeholder management, commercial engagement, managing change, cultural engagement to building teams for success amongst many others.

This service is the natural progression for a completed search assignment and is designed to facilitate a successful appointment outcome. Appointments don’t always work out as well as they might, and much of this is down to the onboarding process and how individuals approach their new environment. The correct support from the outset from one of our experienced sector mentors can make a real impact.


Effective leadership and management is essential to the long-term sustainability and success of any organisation. Securing the best talent with the skills, attributes and behaviours to deliver is essential. As a consequence, client’s today are increasingly seeking to test the abilities and the personality traits of their future leaders, and we have built a selection of tools in association with leading providers to address such needs. Typical tools include: aptitude tests, personality questionnaires, situational judgement tests, through to assessment centres.

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